Previous lunches


Date Speaker Topic
14 November Silvio Capabianco Formalizing groups in Agda
7 November James Chapman Dependently typed type checking
24 October Niccolo Veltri Restriction categories and the delay monad
12 September Silvio Capabianco
4 July Niccolo Veltri Coinduction in Agda
6 June Silvio Capabianco Monads and Adjunctions
23 May Wolfgang Jeltsch Zippers II
16 May Wolfgang Jeltsch Zippers I
9 May Niccolo Veltri Trees as metric spaces and omega-CPOs
02 May Denis Firsov MIU in Curry
25 Apr Wolfgang Jeltsch A taste of Curry
18 Apr Wolfgang Jeltsch MIU in Haskell, part 2
11 Apr James Chapman MIU in Haskell, part 1
04 Apr Tarmo Uustalu Fixed point theorems
28 Mar Boriss Šelajev Reachability semantics
21 Mar Elmo Todurov How to give a good research talk
14 Mar Silvio Capobianco Some reasons to teach lattice theory to undergraduates
28 Feb Niccolò Veltri Finite trees as initial algebra
21 Feb James Chapman A formalisation of restriction categories
14 Feb James Chapman A normalisation proof for monoids
07 Feb Wolfgang Jeltsch The Constraint kind
31 Jan Wolfgang Jeltsch Some interesting features of Haskell’s type system
24 Jan Elmo Todurov SSL, man-in-the-middle attacks and root CAs and A stupidly easy way to hack into computers
17 Jan James Chapman Normalization-by-evaluation continued
10 Jan James Chapman Normalization-by-evaluation
03 Jan Keiko Nakata Natural semantics for call-by-need


Date Speaker Topic
13 Dec James Chapman If monads are about syntax then algebras are about semantics
06 Dec Keiko Nakata Reduction semantics and the λ̄μμ̃-calculus
29 Nov Silvio Capobianco Random thoughts on a gray November noon
22 Nov Wolfgang Jeltsch What is the correct definition of ideal monads?
15 Nov Hellis Tamm Átomata
08 Nov Wolfgang Jeltsch An introduction to ideal monads
01 Nov Wolfgang Jeltsch A short recap of monads

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